About Us

Who We Are

Sennett Projects is an Interior Design firm based in Kallang. We encompass all the services to provide you with a full-fledge renovation experience. Besides providing free consultation and layout designs, we cover the entire renovation process from Design & Construction to Project Management & Construction. With our many years of experience behind us, our professional team is well-equipped with their rich expertise and strong organisation skills to provide you with the best services.

We have won unanimous recognition and trust from the industry with unique creative design, project management, and cost control and service responsiveness capabilities.

Sennet Projects

Our Mission

Throughout these years, we had done many interior design and renovation projects in Singapore for residential properties and commercial properties. Provide unique design and creative home for our client is our first priority.

Mission Statement:
To create beautiful homes and environments through inspiration design. To provide a personalized and cost-effective interior design service for our client.

Sennet Projects

Our Vision

To be a quality driven interior design consultancy
company in both interior and architecture in Singapore.

To continue to learn, grow and be inspired as a group in
order to remain a step ahead of the interior design trends

Our Services

We strive to the best to assist you in creating a beautiful home that reflects your personality and way of life. We are committed to making your dream home a reality in every detail.

Our interior designers and architects are highly skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic about creating the perfect home for you that will stand out from the crowd.

To ensure the quality of the work, project management is well planned to suit your need. Demolition, masonry, plastering, plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning, ceilings, painting, polishing, varnishing, carpentry, metal works, and final cleaning are also included in our service.

The following design styles are commonly used by Asians. We will also add a unique style to your home according to your preferences.


Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, functionality and beauty. Scandinavian homes have clean lines, openness, minimal accessories and neutral-coloured. Having plenty of light is important as it brings out the white and wooden shades of the abode. The wooden elements are often light in colour, with furniture pieces in soft grey to complement them.

Key features include white walls, large mirrors, and wooden furniture.

Industrial Style

The industrial interior focuses on raw and unfinished look, achieved with rough surfaces and materials. Wood and metal, exposed pipes and ducts, cement screed, and vintage furniture are used. Creating an environment that looks highly coordinated with exposed pipes and beams is an art. Materials like brick and concrete are a great way to give the space a lot of character.

Key features include exposed pipes, antiques and raw/ unfinished furniture


Minimalist design has uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and simple finishes. This design concentrates on the principle that less is more. Minimalist interiors have a neutral color scheme, primary colors can also be used as an accent color. Texture is a necessity and storage are an important expect in minimalist interior design.

Key features include highly functional furniture,

Victorian/ Luxury

Victorian interior design is often matched with classy furnishings and plush upholstery. Cabinets and walls lined in white trim help to enhance the appearance, and recessed lighting allows the area a soft illumination

Key features include gold, crystal furniture

Contemporary-Modern Interior Design

Contemporary design and minimalist design have a lot of the same qualities. Contemporary interior design looks at sleek and simple space, giving a light and airy feel. Materials like metal and glass used because of their light-reflecting properties

Key features include neutral color, furniture with exposed legs and clean lines, textured fabrics materials

Modern Country

Modern Country interiors have more simplified and clean design and compared with traditional Country design. Materials like wide plank floors, sleek lighting and open concept living are commonly seen in this interior design style. Country interiors are also known for mixing metals, from gold to black to nickel.

Key features include deep navy, sage green, or burnt orange coupled with neutral colors.